Blazers and jackets
in limited edition!

Aramù’s jackets are realized after an attentive research of high-quality fabrics coming from the deadstock of relevant textile industries, especially located in Biella, one of the most well-known textile cities in the world. For each of them, Aramù develops the design starting from the available materials and then supplies the production to a small independent atelier where the savoir-faire reigns, which creates and gives life to the brand’s ideas. Each piece is individually numbered and available in limited quantities!

Style and uniqueness
in one jacket!

Aramù’s blazers and jackets have a classic and bold style, to confer elegance and self-confidence to the woman who wears it. Some jackets are characterized by a detachable collar which makes your jacket unique to any other. With a simple gesture, you can choose the perfect outfit for any occasion!

Each Aramù’s blazers bears the name of a city, perceived as a container of history, art and culture. Traveling and discovering new places is a great source of inspiration for us.

If you are looking for the online shop, I have something to tell you: I’d like to get to know you, talk to you and understand what type of jacket you are looking for in order to propose you the most suitable for you.

Please, have a look to the collections and then contact me: you’ll be able to order any style you find on the website based on fabrics availability!

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P.S. jackets are in limited quantities depending on the fabric availability!

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